Europa Express

@ Petersham Bowling Club

Three bands and three hours of vibrant and soulful live music!

Venue Details

77 Brighton Street, Petersham NSW 2049, Australia (02) 9569 4639

VGmates, 2024 finalists in the Prague International Music Video Awards. A Slavic-Australian original folk rock band, VGmates blends medieval fusion and contemporary sounds, traditional musical instruments and modern technologies, energetic rhythms and gentle melodies. See unusual musical instruments such as the futujara, vargan, kalyuka and duduk in action.

Klezmer Valley Girls
Direct from Klezmer Country, mixing sounds of Eastern Europe and Americana for a uniquely transatlantic musical experience

Klezmer and tango. Plus hundreds and thousands of folk fun tunes featuring accordion, clarinet and euphonium.


Under 18s are welcome at the Petersham Bowling Club but must be accompanied by an adult.

Getting to The PBC! Access to the club and main stage is via 12 stairs at the front of the venue. We are not wheelchair accessible currently but we are working on it! There is free, untimed parking on the avenue and Brighton Street and drop off / pick up is available via our driveway.